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Digital video and motion graphics section.

Well it's getting close to that time again. Planning a version 4.0 soon. I hope to have it released by end of year. Will be more graphical, more dynamic, and best of all (for me) better organized back end! We'll have to see how things go I suppose.



Atari 1200XLIt all started when I was 10 years old, my dad bought the Atari 1200XL (right) with Basic and Microsoft Basic II cartridges. I really got into learning how to make this computer do things from bending and twisting hand coded games from a book to drawing pictures using pixel coordinates to simulating airline computers and bank terminals. My passion for computers grew as I discovered newer things, new commands and ideas to make my programming more complex. It wasn't until the late 80's when my father brought home a PC with DOS 3 Windows 3.1 installed. From there I was introduced to Qbasic where I gradually drifted away from programming and into the operating system itself and the environment DOS and Windows GUI brought to the table. Years past and I lost touch with this mighty invention until later. Years later around 1997 I purchased a PC from a local computer show and this process started once again. Just like I never stopped. There were so many new things since my last encounter I was excited to see what has improved and mostly what I could do with it. I had catching up to do. I wasn't to long after that I finally got to see the internet and right away I wanted to know how these web sites where made. I was always into showing off my talents in this field and what better way than on the web.

I learned about right-click then view source! So within the next year I was teaching myself HTML from reverse engineering source code on existing sites and hand coding little web sites, from notepad, on my hard drive then on to free hosting sites. Around late 1998 early 1999 I discovered WYSIWYG editors and I leaped in my abilities, later moving on to graphic editing.

I also started scripting for IRC programs. Different bots and interface mods.

In 2001 I wanted to learn the things I was missing or couldn't figure out on my own as well as get a piece of paper declaring myself as having these skills, so I enrolled in a school that taught these very skills I needed to fill in these "gaps" that I had. By the time I was finished with school, I knew basic Flash animation, some action scripting, had almost mastered Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. I learned about search engine optimization (SEO). I got enough ASP programming to expand on my own and when I stumbled on a 3D animation program, I had opened a door to a whole other world. I started learning 3D environments, rendering and timelines. I became proficient in Bryce 3D, and played around with leading movie industry standard special effects programs called Maya by Alias|Wavefront and Lightwave by Newtek. You see work from these programs in more movies and commercials than I could name. Maya is famous for the Final Fantasy movies and games. I felt Lightwave's interface was not user friendly (to me anyway) but Maya's was allot better. By the end of 2003, I used some of these skills from the 3D world to create 3D company logos, still and animated for web and video.

During this process, I started working with digital video editing and composite. By end of 2004, I was integrating live action video with objects I made from these 3D programs. I started doing video projects like weddings and training videos. I designed my own video production company style animated leader in my final productions.

I also started to get into software installers and packaging to CD. My first install package was one of the IRC moods I created earlier. Install packaging includes, licensing, CD keys, and customized install programs for auto-run applications.

In 2005 I bought a Canon Rebel XT SLR camera and some special lenses. I took a photography class at DBCC in Daytona Beach. I have always been into photography, but now I had a high end camera to capture the art in things we see everyday and some rarely seen.

Now in 2006 and 2007 I am trying to combine all these skills into a media business. Offering packages in business promotion and company image. I am currently constructing various packages that include all aspects from logo and graphic design, to web sites, business cards and letterhead, and even low budget video productions like commercials, music videos, and orientation videos on DVD. I am currently working on DVD authoring menus and scene selection index screens as well as other DVD function scripts.


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