Construction log.




Had some spam coming in through my contact forms. So I decided to add a small simple test to make sure it is a human submiting the form data. Stumbled on some issues in the mail sender program that was eventually figured out. The issue triggered an investigation of my code and revealed what was wrong with my registration page. So guess what?!? My registration page is now functioning correctly!! Yipee!! I am going to be a little more active here with my site. I have been too wrapped up in my motion graphics and video stuff, I miss doing web design and might get back into it again. Wish me luck. LOL


Well got tired of theat ugly home page header. So I did a quick face lift. I'm kinda getting in mood for updates, so maybe There'll be a little more action around here That damned navagation needs revamped, seems to be having problems with some browsers and must be fixed, has gone on way too long!!! ahem. In other news... Motion Graphics samples coming soon. Check my Facebook page for a sneak peek at upcoming projects in the video world around here. Just Google my name and I'll be there!! Stay tuned!!

Feb. 12, 2010

Made alternate welcome pagfe header, also to juice it up I randomised the image. I think I'll make a few more headers then add toline up when I have time. Embeded a video stream from Facebook with test clip intro to a hot rod show thats in the planning stage. Also the announcments columb was getting too long for the page so I
moved archived announcmets to here dated in red:

Well havent had an update in awile now so my latest is all offline stuff. My server wont handle the bandwidth it will comsume to view samples until i commpress them, why you may ask??? Its all HD video motion graphics and video. I may be a cheapskate and use youtube to run the stream but well see. Until late... i'm still alive and slow plugging away!!


Got some new logos up. Well not exactly a logo but a one page ad for use in a rotating banner ad or for print. Medical field was the current theme.

Well its been pretty busy around here the past few months but I have been working on some back end stuff recently and hopfuly I'll get around to updating the content of my portfolio soon

Content upload. Logos.

Started working with a classified ads board. Targeting local music scene, this full function bulletin board features
profile creation, admin console, and supports image upload.

I was playing around with colorizing old black and white photos and thought I might add this one to the photo manipulation section of my portfolio.

Relocated construction log. added networking link section to announcements window.

Discovered connection problem during cosmetic update. Connection issue repaired.

Modified contact form process information and color theme to confirmation page.

Discovered 500 error in contact form processing. Repaired and changed confirmation page to pop up window. Full theme not carried through.

Started installing navigation tree menu. Still clearing menu scroll path and glitches, site wide.

Added some more custom logo samples and revamping main page content.